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Trò chơi tiền thưởng câu lạc bộThe Office of the Secretary of State works to support economic growth, promote the public trust, fulfill statutory mandates by providing initial infrastructure for corporate organizations and transactions, and protecting citizens and businesses from misrepresentation and fraud by providing public access to accurate and timely information, through law enforcement and through the issuance of professional credentials. The department fosters a well-informed citizenry, business community, and government, by promoting a responsive, transparent, competitive, and ethical business climate.

Trò chơi tiền thưởng câu lạc bộThe Office of Secretary of State charters business and nonprofit corporations, acts as central filing officer for financing statements under the Uniform Commercial Code, registers trademarks and service marks, administers a land records management program, maintains an office to inform the business community about all state licensing and regulatory requirements, and registering legislative lobbyists.

The secretary is the custodian of the ratified acts of the General Assembly, handling the free distribution and sale of the printed Session Laws and journals of the House and Senate.

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